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All of our scents are also available as Heart Wax Tarts! These wonderful Coconut Apricot  wax melts are available in packs of 2 Tarts.  Drop one tart at a time into your candle warmer to create a nice slow burn, releasing your favorite scent!

Individual wax burners vary. We recommend one tart or half based on burner size. A minimum burn time of 2-3 hours based on burner. However, each tart can can last up to 8 hours or more.

Select your favorite today. 

*3 oz Package Each

100% Coconut Apricot Creme Wax



Aromas of fresh apples, pear and honey come together in this custom blended fragrance!  "HOME" ignites scents of fresh apples, hints of pear, honey, and light under notes of vanilla.

A fragrance that says WELCOME home every time!


Love is truly aromatic in a delicate way.  "LOVE offers soft and simply beautiful notes of our luxurious essential oils and fragrances.  This fragrance is light but fragrant for individuals seeking milder fragrances but also sending beautiful scents throughout.  Release this fragrance in your space to allow for a romantic setting, self- indulgence, or mental escape. 

Surround yourself with aromas of Lavender, Citrus, and Bergamot.

A beautiful scent that embodies its name.... a scent you will truly "LOVE"! 


PEACE brings calm and tranquil vibes to any area of your home.  Warm scents ignite and fill your space with soft and soothing aromas. 

"PEACE"  sends Sea Salt, Cardamom, Plum with under notes of citrus and vanilla into the air. 

This scent will escape your mind to a place filled with pure serenity and "PEACE". 



REFRESH embodies that feeling of positive energy.  A time to restore and reinvigorate! Sometimes a mini vacation, staycation, or simply a mental escape will allow you to REFRESH and renew!

With beautiful scents of lemon, fresh green tea, ginger, and subtle notes of vanilla.



Amore is a gorgeous mix of fragrances combining vanilla, rose, and patchouli. You will experience the sensual aromas of Amore as you dim the lights, turn on the soft sounds, and relax into the mood. Amore also makes a wonderful gift for your special someone!

Light up your space with aromas of Vanilla, Rose, Patchouli, and under notes of amber.

A romantic scent! That's Amore! 



GATHER releases notes of all your fall favorites, Brown Sugar, Clove, Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Apple, and hints of citrus. This luxurious fragrance ignites feelings of Fall and spending special moments as you GATHER with Family and friends!

You may choose GATHER as your new favorite Fall scent or year round favorite! You decide!


Perhaps a quiet day by a lake, stretched out at the beach, sipping tea on the front porch, or nestled at home on your most comfiest sofa. It is definitely time to RELAX!

The exclusive blend of pink grapefruit, hints of limoncello, and light notes of mint creates a therapeutic and luxurious escape of simple relaxation. 



We've custom blended fragrances of palo santo, ginger, pomegranate, amber, comice pear, and light musk notes for an exquisite warm scent to light up your home just in time for the holidays or year round! BELIEVE presents a beautiful celebration of the season! 




ALLURE is also a part of our Romance collection. ALLURE captivates you and sends mysterious fragrances throughout your home. This exotic fragrance releases scents of white rose, mint, with under notes of patchouli. Ignite ALLURE as you prepare an enticing meal, escape in a luxurious bath, or to simply lose yourself in some down time. ALLURE makes a wonderful gift for either men or women.

Release this blend of white rose, mint, with mild under notes of patchouli. Intrigue yourself with ALLURE!



Escape to an all natural day at the spa! With beautiful scents of currant, white and green tea leaves. SERENITY sets the atmosphere for the perfect self care retreat. SERENITY will allow you to surrender your Mind, Body, and Spirit. 

Scents of Currant, White, and Green Tea