About Us


Welcome to Amore Bella! 

Amore Bella translates to “Beautiful Love", because love makes all things beautiful. 

Amore Bella Candles and Gifts was established out of love and passion in creating small yet beautiful gifts for individuals. As a nurse of over 30 years, healing and inspiring others has always been my mission. With this in mind, the inspiration to develop gifts with a focus on aromatherapy and self-care helped to guide this mission. Creating special blends of luxurious candles, bath and body products came from a desire to create beautiful,safe, and inspiring gifts for friends and family. I am so excited to now share these gifts with the community! I wanted the gift and message to be conveyed as a message of inspiration and love.

There is a special joy and love for custom blending exquisite fragrances. Creating unique fragrances is based on inspiration. Each candle fragrance has been carefully developed and hand poured individually.  The aim is to provide a luxurious experience, using the best and safest eco friendly ingredients in each of our creations. Careful research to select the most exquisite vessels and fragrances to blend is always our goal. Our beautiful candle jars and tins are not only recyclable but also reusable. The thought process behind every candle was to present an exquisite look, an aroma that sparked joy, and a message that inspires meaning. For when a friend, loved one, or even yourself receives a candle, body product, or gift box from Amore Bella, we want you to personally experience the love poured into each product.

Thanks so much for stopping by! 

Cherryl at Amore Bella

    Love makes all things beautiful