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Cherishing yourself, a loved one, or special moments is what our Cherish candle brings to your space.  Cherish is a part of our Romance Collection. Cherish blends fragrances of Damask Rose, Amber, Frankincense. This soft and beautiful fragrance is wonderful for any space.

Light this beautiful fragrance blend of Damask Rose, Amber, and under notes of Frankincense.

A fragrance you will truly Cherish.

Housed in a beautiful 14 oz Double-Wicked Frosted Glass Jar or 6 oz Tin. 

100% Naturally Hand Poured Coconut Apricot Crème Candle, Cotton Eco Friendly Wick

Phthalate Free

Vegan Friendly 

*Burn time:

2-3 hour sessions

50-60 hours for 14 oz candle

18-24 hours for 6 oz candle 

Made in USA