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ALLURE is also a part of our Romance collection. ALLURE captivates you and sends mysterious fragrances throughout your home. This exotic fragrance releases scents of white rose, mint, with under notes of patchouli. Ignite ALLURE as you prepare an enticing meal, escape in a luxurious bath, or to simply lose yourself in some down time. ALLURE makes a wonderful gift for either men or women.

Release this blend of white rose, mint, with mild under notes of patchouli. Intrigue yourself with ALLURE!

Housed in a beautiful 15 oz Double-Wicked Glass Jar or 6 oz Tin. 

100% Naturally Hand Poured Soy Candle, Cotton Eco Friendly Wick 

Phthalate Free

Vegan Friendly 

*Burn time:

50-60 hours for 15 oz candle

12-14 hours for  6 oz candle

Made in USA